Even if you didn’t make it out to the Bay Area release party celebrating debut LP No Future from San Francisco’s Wax Idols, you can still check out their latest video for dynamic new track “Gold Sneakers.”


The video features songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Hether Fortune who we see nodding off in the tub only to become entrapped in a nightmarish rave-like dream of smoke and mirrors. Her aimless meandering through the dream labyrinth underscores the macabre subject matter—the consternation that follows losing someone you are close to without warning.

It’s a sharp juxtaposition to the upbeat and repeated refrain of “I love you.” Touted as one of the best new releases on renowned Chicago garage-rock label Hozac, No Future hits hard with its grittiness, punk intensity and wealth of influences, from Wire to Siouxsie Sioux.

It’s hard not to appreciate the frank and immensely talented Fortune, who is not afraid to tell you exactly how she feels about you and has managed to single-handily craft a terrific brooding pop album with a ferocious edge.