Head to The Black Keys’ website to stream five new tracks from El Camino, the band’s seventh studio album due out next Tuesday, December 6 on Nonesuch Records.

With its confident drumbeat, dirty guitar and steady bassline, “Sister” seems the most obvious single of this batch, which also includes “Lonely Boy,” “Gold on the Ceiling,” “Little Black Submarines,” and “Run Right Back.”

Here’s the full tracklist for El Camino:

1. “Lonely Boy”  

2. “Dead and Gone”  

3. “Gold on the Ceiling”  

4. “Little Black Submarines”  

5. “Money Maker”  

6. “Run Right Back”  

7. “Sister”  

8. “Hell of a Season”  

9. “Stop Stop”  

10. “Nova Baby”  

11. “Mind Eraser”