As always, there are a bunch of fun parties going on in San Francisco. Here are a couple of note for those interested in catching some tasteful techno.

Hi-Tek Soul at Public Works

What to expect: classic house-tinged techno with pizzazz

Derrick May and Kevin Saunderson are bringing back the spirit of old school rave with their collaboration known as Hi-Tek Soul. As part of the Belleville three, they are credited for jump-starting the creation of techno by giving soul to the colder sounding electronic music coming out of Europe at the time, with plenty of influence from acts such as Kraftwerk and Tangerine Dream. May and Saunderson have a handful of productions, including some that naturally became classics for the era.

As Hi-Tek Soul, the pair will be playing with a range of analog and digital instrumentation. Although their set up may seem daunting, they will be able to handle their equipment with finesse as they build off the foundations they created.

For more information and tickets, go here.

DJ Koze at BeatBox

What to expect: four-on-the-floor with pop and personality

Before he started producing leftfield techno tracks and remixes, Stefan Kozalla got his beginnings in hip hop and funk, and in 1991 spurred his DJ career after being named vice champion of the 1991 DMC DJ Championships. A couple years later he formed an alternative hip-hop group with a few friends known as Fischmob. For several years, their work and shows were well received before one member left and they unofficially disbanded.

During this time, Kozalla was also making ambient sound collages under the alias Adolf Noise. He experimented with this project at the same time he manned the turntables for Hamburg-based International Pony, a group in the same vein of witty pop as Fischmob, with added funk flare. By the time he started his current alias, DJ Koze, he had plenty of experience to really get down and get weird.

In 2009, Kozalla partnered up with an old time friend, Marcus Fink, and started Pampa Records. Although he never intended to start a label, he has been using the imprint to bring what many consider to be challenging music to the dance floor.

For more information and tickets, go here.