Trevor Powers, a.k.a Youth Lagoon, has had a crazy couple of months since his debut album The Year of Hibernation was reviewed and given a “best new music” tag by Pitchfork. His music has been popping up everywhere and for good reason.

A Year of Hibernation is a classic and explosive debut album that showcases Powers’ songwriting and ear for musical structure. The tracks open silently and burst into elaborate, loud, sing-alongs led by Trevor’s boyish voice, telling tales of a young man on an innocent journey to understand the world around him. Power’s brings his guilt free, small town tales to life with electric keyboard melodies that easily captivate the listener.

Live Youth Lagoon consists of Powers on two electric keyboards and a microphone, while his childhood friend Logan Hyde plays the support role on guitar. Together they bring TYOH to life, which sounds better live and loud then it does on any iTunes.

The sound Powers has engineered is so effortlessly exquisite. It can change a slow moving day into an pretentious train of thought.