If you’re part of the unfortunate 1-percenters currently being vilified by the growing masses of the Occupy movement, you might take some solace in the fact that Umami Burger (242 King Street) is making a burger just for you–reasonably priced at $100.

What could a burger possibly do to validate a hundred-dollar price tag, you ask? Well in the case of Umami’s Money is No Object Burger, the answer is simple: use some of the world’s highest-quality beef, drop a hefty portion of seared foie gras on top, and, of course, use truffles–lots of truffles. About a 1/4 of an inch of freshly shaved Italian truffles, to be exact. They are in-season right now, which is why this is the only time of year you’ll see the MNO burger featured here.

The house-ground hand-formed patty is made from dry aged, extremely rare Wagyu beef. This cow most likely enjoyed a much higher quality of living than I have throughout the better part of my twenties. The grade-A foie gras comes–naturally–from Hudson Valley, America’s preeminent source of fatted duck liver. Drizzled atop that is an onion marmalade enhanced with the reduction of a 1977 Croft Vintage Port.

With a list of ingredients like this, the MNO Burger sounds like it just might be worth it’s hefty price-tag. Exactly what does it taste like, you might be wondering? How the hell would I know? I’m just a writer, I can’t afford to spend $100 dollars on a hamburger–though it’s always nice to fantasize about how the other half (of one percent) lives. But if drooling over pictures of it isn’t enough to satisfy your senses, head on over to their Cow Hollow location and put your mouth where your money is.