Are you looking for love in San Francisco and don’t know where to find it? Yes, although this sounds like one of those late night ads on TV, it is related to food, I promise.

Pilgrim Studios is launching a search in San Francisco for a male food lover to be a part of a brand new, unscripted “dating” show.

The details are not completely clear, but the production studio is looking for a chef, restaurateur, serious foodie or gourmet ready to find the love of his life.

They say that the winning entrant will have their own “bachelor” series on a major cable network and “have the opportunity to date a select group of amazing women who share your love for great food and the culinary arts.”

The deadline to apply is November 9…and by the way, my friends have twisted my arm to send in an application, so I may be able to shed a little more light on this in a few weeks.



Photo Credit: Pilgrim Studios