Off the Grid, Friday nights in Fort Mason, is a sensory overload. With literally dozens of dining options at your disposal it can be difficult to make the right decision. Here’s a hitlist of essential eateries to ease your angst.

People are often intrigued by the trucks with longer lines–and for good reason: these patient souls couldn’t possibly be waiting upwards of an hour for food that’s anything less than spectacular, right? Well sometimes they do…and other times there are newer trucks that have yet to attain hype-worthy status and can be fully enjoyed while avoiding the hoarding masses.

At Hapa SF I was able to hop right up to the ordering window without delay, where I was treated to a delicious and innovative Sisig taco. It was made with lime and soy braised organic pork and topped with loads of fresh cilantro–a mellifluous melding of Hispanic and Filipino flavors.

Next door was the recently-revered Chaac Mool–a Yucatecan food truck who has stepped into the local limelight after a recent visit from the Culinary Conquistador himself, Anthony Bourdain. I expected great flavor but was sadly disappointed to discover their signature chicken taco–served with sliced mango and brown beans–bland and wholly unremarkable. Save yourself 30 minutes of life and don’t buy into the hype!

On the other hand, at the equally-popular Curry Up Now, the delectable Tikka Masala French Fries warrant a guaranteed half-hour delay. Using perfectly seasoned and crisped waffle fries, this uniquely fused dish is doused with a hearty serving of Indian style chicken and savory sauce, topped with fresh onions and melted cheese. The street food of Calcutta in all it’s Americanized glory.

In addition to irresistible fried chicken sandwiches–coated in corn flakes–3-Sum Eats delivers the goods with an assortment of homemade dessert delights and refreshing juices. Don’t miss their kitchen sink cookies–overloaded with coconut, coffee and butterscotch, and of course crunched potato chips. Their melon & pomegranate lemonade is the best beverage on the lot.

For a quick and easy dessert you might want to hit up CupKates. For $3 and a minimal wait, you can enjoy their phenomenal salted caramel cupcake–the height of achievement in the current cupcake craze sweeping the nation.

Off the Grid is rocking tonight from 5PM to 10PM in Fort Mason. If you really want to avoid long lines, get here early and explore often!