Let’s be honest. Drinking outdoors in San Francisco is rarely possible or enjoyable with all the various restrictions. But what if you had a community gathering place to have a beer or grab a bite to eat? Good idea huh?

Well, after many delays and a lengthy permitting process, Suppenküche owner Aaron Hulme has finally realized his dream, opening up a Biergarten at the Hayes Valley Proxy Project.

“From the very beginning, we’ve had this idea. It showcases the love of the drinking culture in Germany that isn’t always existent in San Francisco,” Hulme said at Wednesday’s opening. “It’s experimental but it’s also a part of the neighborhood and a great meeting place to gather.”

The permitting process was a bit more difficult because of the nature of the design (like other businesses at Proxy, the Biergarten is made out of shipping containers) and the fact that alcohol was being served outdoors. But Hulme said he hopes it’s just the start of something big.

“This idea is very prevalent in Germany. Each region and each neighborhood has its own biergarten that residents can call home,” he said. “I hope it can develop so that every neighborhood in San Francisco has a spot like this.”

The menu currently has six beers on tap ($6-8 apiece), glasses of wine ($6) and non-alcoholic, including lemonade for the kids. The beers available right now will be on the menu for awhile, but will eventually be rotated out depending on the time of year. There are also plenty of bites to choose from including pretzels, several salads (beet, potato, kraut) and other German delicacies like Bratwurst and Chive and Lardo on Brown Bread. The food ranges anywhere from $4-18. All the food is from local, small purveyors and the meat selections will change from time to time as well.

Hulme said he is excited about the possibilities and would eventually like to hold gatherings and parties on site. He said what makes it great is that parents can even bring kids as there’s a playground right across the street and treats that kids would love (there were four kids at the opening within the first half hour). Plans are to be open six days a week, from Tuesday-Sunday from 3-9 p.m. each day. He said he will most likely start earlier hours on the weekend once they get their feet under them.

Another welcome and much needed addition to not only the Hayes Valley neighborhood but San Francisco in general.

The Biergarten is now open at the Hayes Valley Proxy Project at 424 Octavia.