San Francisco police arrested five people from the Occupy SF group late Sunday night during a heated confrontation at Justin Herman Plaza.

Protesters had set up camp there but were told by police that they were violating Park Code.

According to police, protesters assembled and refused to remove their tents around 10:30 p.m. That’s when officers began to move in, collecting the tents and placing them in vehicles.

Eyewitness accounts and live streams of the proceedings showed police beating some of the protesters. The group soon surrounded the vehicles, even flattening one of the tires.

Four were arrested for pedestrian in a roadway and resisting arrest and another for battery on a police officer. The group claimed they had been told they could stay in the park, but not sleep there.

The Occupy SF protesters had been camped out in front of the Federal Reserve Building for about a week before being broken up on October 7.

The movement is one of many seen across the country  which have included anti-Wall Street rallies and groups protesting a number of different issues, including foreclosures, unemployment and corporate greed.



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