The weather is warm and wonderful right now, fall just like San Franciscans like it. To celebrate the season of (light) sweaters and (iced) cider, Hayes Valley Farm is having their first Harvest Festival on Sunday.

Come to the Harvest Festival for tours, music, food, and food-themed activities. Learn new recipes in a skill shares on how to make kale chips, homemade breads, and fresh-creamed butter. Enjoy live music by locals DJ Lamont and Tyler Matthew Smith. Participate in all-ages workshops on food-crafting, nature awareness, handmade musical instruments and other crafts. Purchase fruit trees and Hayes Valley honey.

Hayes Valley Farm is an Urban Permaculture demonstration site in San Francisco. It is a 2.2-acre non-profit community-run farm and urban agriculture education and research project.

Harvest Festival

Hayes Valley Farm (450 Laguna)

Sunday, Oct 16th





Image Credit: Hayes Valley Farm