On Friday evening Urban Solutions hosts 2 Blocks of Art, an art walk on Sixth St in SoMA.

As part of the Our Neighborhoods Sixth Street Economic Revitalization Program, Urban Solutions provides assistance to entrepreneurs interested in locating a business on Sixth Street. The art walk showcases this neighborhood, well known for its cutting edge arts community.

Come see unique artists in unconventional locations, like musicians playing in a Laundromat and a fashion designer exhibiting in an optometry office. Over 50 artists in 25 locations within two blocks (that’s a lot of art!). Between exhibits, visit some of the restaurants, bars, nightclubs and theaters on Sixth Street for discounted food, drinks and admission prices to after-party events.

2 Block of Art

Friday, Oct 14th

Sixth St (between Market & Howard)






Photo Credit: 2 Blocks of Art