Tiger & Woods stepped out onto the emerging disco/house scene a couple years ago with a goal in mind to share fresh and timeless cuts in the best possible way. Larry Tiger and David Woods like to keep their fans guessing as to who they are and where they come from. Fortunately for San Francisco, As You Like It is bringing them out this Friday at BeatBox for a chance to get a little peak under that veil of mystery.

The duo have been getting buzz since 2009, but have been making music and DJing since 1993. They came up with their name a year before the Tiger Woods scandal popped up in the news, but coincidentally came out with their second EP with its racy title, Caddy Shag, the week of. Their mystery gimmick might make them seem like a couple of jokers, but when it comes to music they are serious about working with, and building on, the best elements in a track to bring out its full potential.

Tiger & Woods – Deflowered by PhilippoM

It has only been a few months since they released their debut full length on Running Back, a German label featuring the likes of artists such as Move D, Todd Terje, and Tensnake. Receiving praise from dance music enthusiasts and stellar reviews on Resident Advisor and Pitchfork, Through the Green is an album of what they do best: edits. They also appear on a label that they claim is not their own called Editainment, on which a couple other artists known as Cleo & Patra and Pop & Eye are also featured—also not them, they say.

Tiger & Woods – Gin Nation by FAKE_DJ’S

As former record store employees (at least one of them), Tiger & Woods are seasoned diggers and draw influence from favorites like Prince, Evelyn Champagne King, Janet Jackson and Theo Parrish. Although they love DJing, they have spent the last couple of years producing and gracing venues with their live PA sets. Expect classic boogie cuts and funk-tinged house (all of it live!) for your fun-filled night this Friday.

Catch Tiger & Woods live with 40 Thieves, Rich Korach, and Davi and Navid this Friday with at BeatBox. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased here.