It’s only been two short months since the last time Odd Future was in town to bring their riotous show to a local San Francisco concert hall. Since then, the group has enjoyed performing at more than a few domestic and international music festivals including HARD festival in Los Angeles, Summer Sonic in Japan, Lowlands in the Netherlands and more.

Friday night, they arrived at The Warfield, inspiring a line of loyal Wolf Gang fans that wrapped around the block, ready to have their favorite anti hip-hop group live in front of them, running around on stage and launching themselves off of the stage and into their hands.

Odd Future member and resident DJ Syd got the night started and the venue hype when she dropped the first track of the night, Waka Flaka’s “Grove St. Party.” From that point, on The Warfield quickly turned into Odd Future’s zombie circus as the crowd’s energy brought me right back to the Sahara tent at Coachella where the Odd Future kids launched their identities and establish their stage presence.

A few moments later Hodgy Beats and Odd Future domo Tyler, the Creator emerged on stage. As Tyler broke into the first song, “Transylvania,” you could feel the crowd swing with the heavy drum beat. Fans were dancing, jumping, moshing, head banging—whatever they could to express their excitement level as the punk hip-hop collective fed off the energy.

The group understands how to share the stage as every member got more than enough mic time to leave an impression on the crowd. Damier Genesis performed a few tracks including, “Benedicition,” from his most recent mixtape Under the Influence; Mike G got chance to perform the best tracks in his catalog, “Everything I Want,” and “Go Mike G”; while Mellowhype performed crowd favorites “64,” “I Got a Gun,” and “Fuck the Police.”

Tyler effortlessly shined throughout the show. This time around—free from the cast the left him hobbling around the stage or stuck in a seat the the crew’s July show at the Regency Ballroom—he got to run freely around the stage, performing the major hits from his catalog like “French,” “Yonkers,” “Sandwiches” and “Tron Cat,” while the crowd sang along.

Notably, the group held it down for their missing comrade Earl Sweatshirt; Syd dropped “Drop” before the group came on, Tyler performed the only official EarlWolf track (Tyler aka Wolf Haley) “Orange Juice,” and as the group was leaving the stage, Syd through on “EARL” for good measure.