Last night at the Baltic Room, Seattle got a taste of the Night Slugs label with DJ sets from Kingdom, Girl Unit and Bok Bok. The sold out party was packed with plenty of excited people, as the three took their turns at the decks merging their sounds for a wonderfully cohesive label showcase.

Kingdom, who recently relocated to LA from New York, has been one of the biggest up and coming American bass music DJs/producers/label co-owners in the last year. He was first up and set the mood with emphasis on vocal tracks. Heavily influenced by R&B, his set was dominated by warped vocal tracks and hard rhythms, much like the remixes and EPs he has released in the last couple years.

Girl Unit followed Kingdom, with a set similar in style, but with more focus on obvious hooks. With stripped down build ups for big drops, he went for more atmosphere in his set and occasionally switched around from electro-styled bangers to slowed down two step.

Finally, label boss Bok Bok took the stage and wowed everyone with his excellent beat matching, choosing tracks that flowed effortlessly from slow to fast tempos, and back. He used fewer vocal tracks and emphasized heavy bass and complicated beat patterns. With the mastery of his methods, he offered a unique perspective of the Night Slug sound that made him stand out from his peers.

This showcase was well packaged, despite the Baltic Room’s limited specialty lighting and lack of visuals. However, this wasn’t a problem, because the cozy setting with the full bar, sizeable stage and mezzanine allowed for an appropriately intimate experience. Ultimately, the right vibes and the right sound were all the Night Slugs needed to win over the crowd.

Girl Unit and Bok Bok play with Martyn and Santiago Salazar Saturday October 1st at Public Works. Tickets are $10 – $15 and can be purchased here.

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