San Francisco is known for developing really raw talent into a burning white flame. At the moment that flame burns with Girls front man Christopher Owens and co-creator Chet White, who released their sophomore album Father, Son, Holy Spirit earlier this month.

The duo has received nothing but praise since the release of their debut LP Album in 2009 and and last years’ Broken Dreams Club EP .

Father, Son, Holy Spirit has an eerie sense of familiarity, like you’ve heard them all before but just can’t place them. The album opens beautifully with “Honey Bunny,” a track that exemplifies the group’s unique ability to dazzle you with their energy, and quietly break you down with sorrow on the same track. “Die” has a melody very similar to Deep Purple’s “Highway Star,” though neither the vocals or the production is as heavy. It softly builds into a track with the most standout production on the album.

“Vomit” is my favorite track on the album. It displays how well Owens can create depth with his songwriting, while the guitar and back production create ample dark space for Owens to work with. Tracks like “Just a Song”, and “Jaime Marie” beautifully tie light guitar melodies with exceptional lyrics.

Overall Father, Son, Holy Spirit is an excellent album. Girls will be playing at the Great American Music Hall on Oct. 8th and 9th. A few tickets are left of the Oct. 9th show.