One of the best new shoegaze dream pop acts of 2010, Big Troubles, was discovered by Matt Mondanile of Real Estate & Ducktails. Their killer home-recorded debut “Worry,” released on Old English Spelling Bee, is an ethereal and balmy aural experience that bathes the listener in layers of toothsome reverb. Electrifying and sonically melodic single “Freudian Slips” stood out especially with an astute mix of guitar fuzz and a seething beat.

Big Troubles – Sad Girls from Slumberland Records on Vimeo.

The new LP “Romantic Comedy,” set for release on September 27th on Slumberland Records slightly tones down the My Bloody Valentine, blown-out lo-fi sound in favor of the carefree 90s indie rock propounded by contemporaries Smith Westerns and Yuck. It also throws into the musical mixture a bit of C86, Britpop, and power-pop. Accompanying music video and first single “Sad Girls” sounds like a panegyric to Big Star with visuals tracing the adventures of a fictional “Geek Squad” or “Dork Squad” and their humorous attempt at assisting a number of hapless suburban customers. And of course a vignette about the inane day to day of suburban life would not be complete without a trip to the Red Lobster.

Fans of musical shape-shifters and Slumberland Record alum Lilys may sense a striking aesthetic similarity: Big Troubles jumps genres  flawlessly, which ultimately expiates for a slight tendency toward mimicry. Check out the full album stream below to give this dynamic new output from Big Troubles a listen.