Free Coffee for the End of the Summer

Drink some free coffee to celebrate the last day of the summer solstice. Peet’s is offering a buy one get one free deal on any coffee or tea drink through September 25. You’ll get the deal if you print out the coupon, or show the barista the coupon on your mobile phone. There are nine Peet’s locations around San Francisco. From Polk Street to Market, just Mapquest it.

The summer-to-fall transition is unique here in the Bay Area. Our Indian summer is just beginning on the autumn equinox—when the equator is in line with the center of the sun. The autumn equinox happens twice a year, in the spring around March 20 or 21, and in the fall either September 20, or 21.  It’s the only time when the Earth’s axis isn’t tilted away or towards the sun. Night and day have equal length.  It’s a great excuse to fuel up on caffeinated greatness, when the sunrise and the sunset are closest to being exactly 12 hours apart. Take a friend and celebrate the changing seasons over a mug of joe.

Photo Credit:ncnonie