Avast ye sailors! International Talk Like A Pirate day is among us. Today, Monday, September 19, we honor a quirky side of the English language that was used on the high seas, and spoken by handsome Hollywood hunks in commercialized portraits of pirate culture. Today is the 16th year honoring pirate-talk– a day that originated as an idea among friends that has transformed into an international celebration.

September 19th is the official date for the holiday, that started back in June, 1995. The two guys behind the idea, Mark Summers and John Baur thought of the idea while playing racquetball. They chose Sept. 19th to celebrate, because it was Mark’s ex-wife’s birthday, the only date he could remember that wasn’t Christmas or Halloween. The purpose of the holiday is not to commemorate pirates.  The website itself declares that pirates are bad people, doing violent and criminal things. Rather, it’s for simple fun. To quote from their website,  “Silliness is the holiday’s best selling point.”

Yeah, it’s sort of silly, but San Francisco has an affinity with pirate lifestyle. The 826 pirate shop on Valencia Street in the Mission sells everything needed for today’s pirate. Seasickness tablets, mermaid bait, flags, scurvy- be- gone, you name it, 826 has it.  Stop by the shop today and celebrate the idea that talking like a pirate is downright classy.