The Greek Theatre is a wonderful, hidden and oftentimes forgotten place to see larger scale bands in a more intimate and outdoor setting. Bon Iver will be playing there in support of his latest self-titled release on September 22nd.

I couldn’t imagine a better place to see them—aside from my living room.

Bon Iver, aka Justin Vernon coupled with the contributions of regulars Sean Carey, Mike Noyce and Matt McCaughan, has made quite an impact on popular music since his inception in 2007. In four short years, he seem to be everywhere—Vernon’s signature falsetto has appeared in guest spots on albums from Lia Ices to The National to Gayngs to Kanye West and Jay Z. Yes, you have heard him in Starbucks. Yes, your mom might like them. She may be listening to the latest release, Bon Iver, right now. Though disquieting, do not panic.

The reason we are drawn to Vernon, why we hear him everywhere, why he carries those tracks he guests on, is because he is as mesmeric as he is reflective. We see ourselves in his lyrics, in the achievable compositions of his band, in the staunch and steadfast reliability in their overall and obvious talent. Bon Iver is a much more directed release. Not so much a departure from the past but more decisive in the act of re-digging the trenches, Vernon is as aware as we of his presence and in this has strengthened his entrance. Where his style might have been slightly meandering before, layered but coupled with a lower fidelity that added charm to older recordings, this new release is slick, focused with unexpected bursts of brass and regimented rhythms. The effect is irrefutably entrancing, and I am positive the live show will carry as much weight, if not ten times more.

Bon Iver play The Greek Theatre in Berkeley on Thursday, September 22nd. Doors are at 7pm and tickets are $39.50. Other Lives provide support.