The new exhibition, “Young & Free,” at 941 Geary Gallery lives up to its promise of delivering fresh, timely pieces from seasoned pros and eager artists on their way up from Down Under.

The show featured 13 artists (technically 14, one is a duo) from Australia with something to prove: They belong on the same roster as all the other respected street artists from trendsetting countries and continents all over the world.

For some people, the thought of Australia conjures many common images associated with the culture that may emerge from the Maoris to Crocodile Dundee. However, as street art has gained popularity around the globe, these Aussies have stepped up to the plate to play with the big dogs responsible for transforming boring, urban spaces into their personal canvases.

The spacious 3,000-square-foot gallery was a gigantic burst of colors, shapes and shadows nearly leaping off the walls from every angle. The featured art from Anthony Lister, HA-HA, New 2, Rone, Reka, Ben Frost, Dabs & Myla, Kid Zoom, Meggs, Sofles, Vexta and Dmote takes over the space and gives visitors a peek into what’s been happening in the art world Down Under.

Each artist has a unique style, some bright, comical and almost humorous, like Anthony Lister’s pieces “Street Mask 1” and “Street Mask 10”—bright, round blobs of color hosting jagged mouths, wild whiskers and narrow eyes for a face. While others were darker or even more comical.

Some standout pieces include Ben Frost’s random but cutesy characters on various found objects like discarded prescription packages morphine, Milk Duds, Xanax and oxycondone. In other pieces he piles on the pop culture with familiar icons like Elvis and Dr. Phil and other images juxtaposed with dark phrases. Vexta’s pieces were beautiful with their dark background behind almost-achromatic characters shimmering with technicolor details from their hair to their tears. New 2’s hand-cut layered paper collages were awesomely elastic-looking as well as futuristic.

The exceptional pieces of art, full of imagination, really captured the title of the show, “Young & Free.”

The exhibit will be on display at 941 Geary Gallery until October 22nd. Go to their site for more details about viewing hours.