One of the first times I met Steven Gdula, he handed me a pin proclaiming his products were not whoopie pies.  They were gobs (with a profane word at the end).  I adored it and wore it with pride while I savored a coconut gob filled with ube-purple yam icing.  The light cake went perfectly with the creamy middle. 

One of first times I met Jun Belen, we sat at a communal dinner table and we talked about Filipino food.  He is a phenomenal storyteller using both words and photographs.  As each dish came, he brought out his camera to capture the image of what we were about to enjoy.

Steven’s East Coast treats + Jun’s amazing photography = The Gobba Gobba Hey cookbook.

On Saturday at Omnivore Books from 3pm-4pm, sample Steve’s gobs and grab a copy of the book.  Learn how his love for this cake-like confection made its way from his hometown in Pennsylvania to the streets of San Francisco where he began selling them at local parks and galleries, making him one of the pioneers of the City’s street food culture.

Photo by:  Jun Belen

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