What’s better than watching a flash mob on YouTube? Being in one! Here’s your chance to be in a flash mob and Vogue it up, Madonna style. Bay Area Flash Mob, the people responsible for the recent Michael Jackson Flash Mobs, are hosting dance classes to get ready for their next endeavor, the Madonna Flash Mob.

Here’s how it works:

Attend classes to learn the dances and then participate in the mob in early October. There are five classes total, with a new class each week. Classes start Sept 8th and continue through the beginning of October. Each class is offered twice with varying times/dates/locations (full schedule here).¬†Still can’t make a class? Catch up by watching an online tutorial.

Get into the groove, strike a pose, and go express yourself!

Madonna Flash Mob classes

Various times/dates/locations





Photo credit: AllAboutMadonna.com