15 Romolo in North Beach is known for serving up wonderfully artisanal cocktails mixing the freshest ingredients with an assortment of alcohol that will sometimes make your head spin walking down Romolo Place onto Broadway. Now, if you enjoy drinking your meal, the bar is offering up its take on weekend brunch called “Punch Drunk Brunch.”

Being that it is brunch served in a bar setting, the focus is on booze. And there is a wide assortment of drinks to choose from if you didn’t have enough the night before. The Bloody Hammer (15 Romolo’s ode to the Bloody Mary, with white whiskey replacing vodka), Sangria, Pimm’s Cup, punch from a bowl; they can make pretty much anything with alcohol you are looking for. The drinks are strong but taste oh so good that you’ll be asking for seconds.

Home Skillet

15 Romolo has fun with its brunch menu, as it features classic items like a home skillet, breakfast sandwich, French toast and other items like a salad or a burger with all the toppings offered. If you order food, you also get a tasty treat called a waffle shot. That’s a small piece of a Belgian waffle dipped in a rum-infused syrup. And let me tell you, I think the mix is 90 percent rum, 10 percent syrup. Like I said, they like to keep the booze flowing.

The crew at 15 Romolo is great. They are really helpful and the bartenders can explain all the drinks to you in earnest. They are trying to keep brunch fun which is really what it is supposed to be. A fun time out with friends and family on the weekend.

15 Romolo is located at 15 Romolo Place in North Beach and offers “Punch Drunk Brunch” on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:30-3:30.