I often find myself drinking lots of IPAs or variations of IPAs, or just strong ales, since craft brewers tend to have lots of fun with those . This week I got a craving for European hops, German hops specifically, and decided upon a bottle of Abita’s Andygator. It’s a Helles Doppelbock, which as its name suggests would be a lighter version of the traditionally strong, malty Doppelbocks.

Andygator pours golden with a glow, comparable to honey, and is topped with a pure white head that quickly disappears with almost no lacing. Alcohol appears mostly in the nose, with sweet white grape. German Perle hops are backed by the sweetness of the yeast and malt, making it tangy but not dry at all. Although it’s light, the presence of the alcohol is easily detected in the taste as well without being overwhelming. It tastes and looks clean, but definitely has the potential to sneak up on its drinkers. The carbonation and relatively light mouthfeel contributes to the ease in drinkability. Try drinking this with greasy pub fare like fish and chip or hot wings.

The ease in drinkability is my favorite attribute to this beer, which as a “Helles Doppelbock” definitely works for it. It’s solid in a simple way, but maybe it’s a little too simple.



Photo Credit: beersandears.net