A brand new 7″ single from Veronica Falls, released in anticipation of the London quartet’s full length debut on Slumberland Records, recalls the bright pop harmonies and interspersed foreboding that characterized previous singles “Found Love in a Graveyard” or “Beachy Head.”

It’s jangly and sharp with chugging guitars and a garage-rock prickliness a la The Chills, propitiated by wispy female vocals that alternately build to a male-female choral interchange. Dark but upbeat, it entices the listener to share in a feeling of mysterious grief whose origins are difficult to articulate.

With “Bad Feeling” the band doesn’t necessarily break new ground, but it delivers another distinctive and tuneful track that leaves this listener with a good feeling about the potential of its upcoming release.

Check out the record release party for Veronica Falls at Brick & Mortar Music Hall on September 21st with local acts The Mantles and Brilliant Colors.

Veronica Falls – Bad Feeling by Slumberland Records