Outside Lands went out like a lion with Arcade Fire becoming the most memorable experience of the entire 3-day festival. Sunday funday was spent exploring indie bands and DJs as well as your favorite rock acts on the main stage.

Tune-Yards got the dancing started in the early afternoon with a soulful and funky set on the Sutro Stage.

Somewhat smaller, more technical difficulty-ridden performances took place on the Panhandle stage throughout the weekend but Grouplove brought a huge crowd out for an energizing rockstar performance.

The Twin Peaks stage was the place to be throughout the afternoon as !!! followed by Major Lazer (pictured above) killed it with first dancey indie pop and then Latin-infused electro face melters. Friends who left early for Little Dragon at the Sutro stage were regretting that decision, as they had a lackluster performance.

Beirut at the Sutro stage in the late evening performed their typical minimal indie rock to a crowd who seemed not really into the show, save for the devout fans.

As the festival came to a close, many were torn on whether to catch Deadmau5 at the Twin Peaks stage or Arcade Fire on the mainstage at the Polo Field. Those who chose Arcade Fire made the right choice as Deadmau5’s performance was nothing truly special or more exciting than a typical electro club set. Arcade Fire, on the other hand, became a huge ocean of people dancing, smiling, laughing, and enjoying the last performance of their epic weekend.