If you are a foodie here in the Bay Area and keep up with the latest news, you will probably know that Anthony Bourdain was in town this week filming for his new Travel Channel show, “The Layover.”

Food writers, bloggers and local food industry people seemed to be going gaga, following his every move, every visit, every tweet and trying to figure out where he was off to next. But my question: what’s the big deal?

Sure, Bourdain is one of the many “celebrities” in the food world. He travels around the globe, tries the best each country and city has to offer and swears and drinks a lot. But people were following him around like he was the Pope.

I enjoy his show as much as the next person. I find his attitude refreshing rather than the cookie-cutter image you get with a lot of food shows on TV. Would I love to meet him or sit down and interview him? Of course, I would consider it an honor. But come on people, it’s just Anthony Bourdain.



Photo Credit: The Travel Channel