Meet Jane. No, not a red-head with freckles, but a coffee shop in Pac Heights serving up pastries for breakfast and salads and paninis for lunch. Oh, and Four Barrel Coffee for $2 a cup with unlimited refills.

Located on the pricey block of Fillmore between California and Sacramento, Jane is a bustling spot decorated in chic black and white. There’s a giant moose head on the back wall: sometimes he even wears Giants gear. The coffee shop offers free WiFi, but politely restricts the front tables from having laptops out during the lunch rush which maintains a good balance between those camping out all day and the noon crowd.

The breakfast menu at Jane is fairly limited, but their lunch offerings are appealing with a selection of salads and paninis to get you through the day.

Perhaps the biggest draw of Jane is the aforementioned Four Barrel Coffee. Considered to be one of the best premium coffees born in San Francisco, it’s tough to find– especially at just $2 a cup. The staff at Jane will happily refill your cup while you chat with friends or kick ass at Angry Birds.

Jane is open daily from 7am to 6pm, making it a great stop on your way to work or back home.



2123 Fillmore Street




Photo Credit: Adam Shapiro