Green Flash Brewing Co. caught my eye with their Le Freak ale while I was at the store yesterday picking through beer bottles. It’s a hybrid ale bringing together traits from San Diego-style imperial pales and Belgian style trippels; a curious and interesting combination.

Le Freak pours a thick, golden honey with a lightly tinted head that’s dense in appearance. In the first sniff, the scent is sweet and pungent with caramel malts with undertones of tangy hops. The sweetness also dominates the flavor, and along with the medium thick mouth-feel, it’s easy to get a sense for the high alcohol content (9.2% ABV) although it doesn’t taste particularly alcoholic. There are muted fruity flavors, mostly tropical fruit like pineapple, and a bit of yeastiness that gives the beer a biscuit flavor. Try pairing this with typical bar fare, with snacks on the lighter end like salad or lean chicken.

It’s easy to see how this beer is a combination of an imperial pale and a trippel. But is it “freaky”? I wouldn’t say so, but since both styles tend to be mellow in taste and scent it seems to work well enough. I’d pick something hoppier or more complex before I consider getting this one again.




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