Fans of Gogol Bordello and Beirut, please step forward: Portland, OR’s self-proclaimed 11-piece “Avant-garde dirty gypsy klezmer jazz indie anti-folk rock”-ers All The Apparatus take the stage tonight at the Rockit Room.

The band’s sophomore, self-titled effort dropped this year on Faultvo Records — it’s a smorgasbord of horns, percussion, guitars, accordions, ukuleles, stringed instruments, and randoms like the omnichord and kalimba (a thumb piano, says Wikipedia).

Some tracks are kitschy-creepy (“Hat Trick”; “Chains of Damnation”). Others sound like Zach Condon on tropical vacation (“The Valley”). Still others have this weird lovely quality that sounds like The Arcade Fire mated with Edward Sharpe, and all of his Magnetic Zeros (“Wolf Song”; “Great Whale”). And all will unleash the gypsy punk within.

Aside from its title being the perfect SF anthem, “Let’s Go Ride Bikes” is a fun romp that includes lyrics such as, “your sister looks just like Donkey Kong.”

Check it out:


All the Apparatus, “Let’s Go Ride Bikes”