Public Works, As You Like It, No Way Back, Donuts joined forces to put together a bill featuring the likes of artists whose supreme sense of dance music will leave SF craving more. Read on to learn a little bit about the headliners and get ready to rave!

Steffi has been active in the dance music community for over a decade with her involvement as a DJ, producer, record label boss (Klakson), and promoter. She left the Netherlands for Berlin where she is currently a resident DJ at Panorama Bar in Berlin’s biggest club Berghain. Earlier this year she shared her refined sense of deep house with her first LP Yours and Mine on Berghain’s Ostgut Ton imprint. Expect a tasteful combination of hard-hitting techno and chunky house with some disco in between for a debut sure to win SF over.

Mike Huckaby’s roots are planted in Detroit, where his love affair with music developed during the techno boom of the 80s. He has kept a keen eye on scenes and artists since then, and through the added benefit of working at Record Time he refined his taste for EDM of all styles. An exceptional flavor maker, his affinity for timeless tracks shows in his DJ sets, just as his desire to keep up with music-making technologies keeps his productions solid over the years. Without a doubt, Huckaby will deliver the smoothness and soul of classic American dance music at its best. Check out his XLR8R podcast here.

As icing on the cake, there will also be appearances from Beautiful Swimmers from Washington D.C., a duo whose mixes showcase their excellent digging, and Lovefingers from New York, who caught the public’s eye with his edits on his Blackdisco imprint. Who can say no to some extra disco in the mix?


Steffi, Mike Huckaby, Beautiful Swimmers and Lovefingers play alongside AYLI, Donuts and No Way Back DJs tonight at 9pm at Public Works. Tickets are $15 to $20 and are available as presale and at the door.