More news from the Twitter world late last night as Jeff Krupman, aka the Pizza Hacker, has been shut down by the San Francisco Department of Public Health.

Krupman had made Bloodhound a regular stop on his schedule, making pizzas for the masses every Thursday night.  But after neighboring businesses complained, health officials brought the hammer down, shutting him down at that location.

In an email, he said he is looking for some other possible spots to bring his modified Weber grill, even possibly doing a daytime gig.  He said he might even try to go legit, “but is not hopeful on that front.”

In talking to Krupman about his business earlier this year, he always seemed like he was somewhat anti-establishment. He didn’t yet consider himself part of the culinary fabric of San Francisco despite his almost cult-like status. He just enjoyed making amazing pizzas.

Here are his messages via Twitter “Looks like I was the one who got the pie of his life tonight. Humble pie, served by SF Health Dept. – it was a good run,” followed shortly by this, “It’s the truth, shut down in my prime. It was a great night and a great run. I am still available for catering.”

A damn shame too because I have told my friends, this was the best pizza I have ever eaten in my life.