It might be one of the most scenic views from a restaurant in San Francisco, sitting above the Sutro Baths. And now, after a lengthy renovation, the venerable Louis’ Restaurant has reopened for business this week.

In June, the Richmond SF blog had a nice piece on the renovations. The restaurant closed last November to begin work on improvements. The blog reports that “(it) had been run by the Hontalas family for 73 years and was on a year to year lease with the National Park Service, as the restaurant sits on federal land.”

But because of several delays, the actual start of the remodel didn’t begin until this March. The blog reports that “there is a lengthy list of changes, including gutting the dining room and most of the kitchen, and most of the new materials are green and energy efficient.”

As part of the new lease, the restaurant must also purchase “certified organic produce which has to be sourced within 200 miles of the property.”

The owners tell the blog there will be a few menu changes as well, but they will still hold firm to serving the loyal customers that have been coming in for decades.



Photo Credit: Louis’ Restaurant