A few months ago, we told you about a mac and cheese restaurant called Homeroom opening its doors in Oakland. Finally, after passing by several times and seeing lines out the door, this intrepid writer jumped in with an open mind and need for some great comfort food.

The restaurant is on the smaller side, with a large communal table in the center of the space and outdoor seating as well. They don’t take reservations, which can lead to a bit of a wait, but have no fear, you can grab a beer, wine or maybe even some of their homemade root beer while you wait.

The menu is a nice mix of different types of mac and cheese. It ranges from the classic (which just so happens to be called “Classic”), to the Mexican (peppers, cilantro and chorizo), the Gilroy (gouda, pecorino and roasted garlic), and even a Vegan mac and cheese. All options are offered gluten-free as well for an added $2. There are also plenty of add-on options like baked breadcrumbs, bacon, broccoli or even a fried egg. And there are also plenty of veggies to choose from as small side plates.

All the mac and cheese dishes are fairly priced($7.50-8.50) with add-ons a buck or two more. While the dish may look a bit on the small side, it is actually rather filling, especially if you have consumed one of the local brews on tap.

However, the menu doesn’t stop with mac and cheese. There are numerous options for the sweet tooth on the dessert menu, from homemade oreos and brownies to peanut butter pie. That along with the Little Mac (smaller, milder portion) make Homeroom a very kid-friendly restaurant.

As comfort food goes, mac and cheese would top my list on most days. And with plenty of options available, owners Allison and Erin have a surefire winner on their hands. Open for lunch, dinner and weekend brunch, if you enjoy mac and cheese, Homeroom is a spot to try in Oakland.



Photo Credits: Some photos courtesy of Homeroom, via Facebook