Mission District News

What are the the most common crimes in the Mission? Here’s a hint: the list includes sex crimes, battery, and burglaries. And just how does Police Chief Greg Suhr plan to create a city full of charming cops? And do you want to make a new love connection? You can find out about all this and more in this week’s Mission Local News…

Here are the top stories:

There’s a New Missed Connections in Town…Move over craigslist, there’s a another contender for creepy stalkers. Introducing iSpy Mission. For more, go here.

Are Private Shuttles Allowed to Stop at Muni Bus Stops?…Private shuttles vs. Muni. Commuters vs. Non-commuters. NIMBYs vs. Yuppies. The comments section on this piece has it all. For more, go here.

Mr. Pollo Feeds Frugal Foodies…The secret’s out. Another (hidden) foodie diamond in the rough. But someone needs to talk to this guy about changing his storefront. For more, go here.

Photo credit: Mission Local