The line “Are you ready for some football” may not have taken on more meaning than on Monday after NFL players voted to okay a deal with owners, ending a four month lockout.

32 team representatives voted unanimously to approve the 10-year deal, which according to most analysts, was fairly balanced with each side winning certain battles.

The agreement is expected to start a wild and frenetic week. On Tuesday, teams can begin talking with free agents, who will be able to sign with clubs as early as Friday. Some training camps will start to open on Wednesday, with others staggered to open the rest of the week.

Overall, the only casualty of the process was the exhibition Hall of Fame game between the Chicago Bears and the St. Louis Rams, which had been scheduled for August 7 in Canton. The entire preseason and regular season schedules remain intact.



Photo Credit: Flickr user hyku, via Wikimedia Commons