By now you’ve already heard all about the Pop-Up Restaurant at The Rotation in the Mission, but you might be excited to know that as of this week they are offering soulicious Chicken and Waffles until 3AM every Thursday to Sunday!

This is incredibly awesome for so many reasons. For one, who can ever get enough Chicken and Waffles? Secondly, the new addition to the Rotation helps to fill a gaping void in the city’s late night dining scene. So after a long night of bar-crawling you’ll be able to placate your drunk munchies with some of the most enticing comfort food on the planet. I’m super excited for this, so excited that I started following them on twitter, @ChicknFriedSoul. You probably should as well for all the latest updates.

Officially known as Soul Groove, the late night house of Chicken and Waffles will also be serving some killer sides, like spicy jalapeño cole slaw. For more info follow this link and to get you even more jazzed, here’s footage of a Bobby Flay Chicken and Waffle Throwdown: