Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks are set to release Mirror Traffic on Matador Records August 23, leading off with single “Senator” — a Pavement-meets-Velvet Underground tune which (much to the FCC’s assumed dismay) often repeats the choice lyric “I know what the senator wants/what the senator wants/is a blowjob.”Now until August 23, fans are welcomed to visit and submit a replacement, radio-friendly word, so that Matador can send off a radio edit for airplay in September.

The winner will be announced September 15 and will receive a Senator 7″ with the original cut as A-side and their version as B-side. Matador is only pressing one of these puppies, so whoever wins can claim ultimate Malkmus worship and fandom. Or just make a shit ton of money on eBay.

So put on your thinking cap! This might just be the right job for you.

Watch the karaoke video for “The Senator”: