The city of San Francisco has filed a lawsuit against Dick Lee Pastry, Inc. for violating state and local laws pertaining to minimum wage, overtime compensation and lawful compensation.

The suit is seeking $440,000 plus interest from the owners and operators of the Chinatown restaurant, Peter Yu and Ada Chiu. Seven of their employees claim that they worked six days a week, with shifts spanning eleven to fourteen hours a day. Despite the overtime, none received overtime or double-time compensation. They also claim that they received semi-monthly wages of approximately $550, which works out to between $3.02 and $3.91 per hour. San Francisco’s current minimum hourly wage is $9.92.

The workers also complained about being treated poorly by Yu and Chiu.

Steven Gruel, who represents Yu and Chiu, said the workers lied and the case has no merit. He said his clients are looking forward to clearing their name in court.

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Photo Credit: Dick Lee Pastry, Inc.