Bacon. Most people love it and many are in fact obsessed with it. That’s just one of the reasons Jim Angelus is about to launch the Bacon Bacon Truck to the masses in San Francisco.

“I went up to Portland in February with three concepts (for a food truck). My friend’s truck is called Lardo. And with his guidance, I figured I could pull Bacon Bacon off.”

Angelus eventually created a menu with his friend and has been doing test runs this past week (you can follow the truck on Twitter @BaconBaconSF). Although he does not know the exact launch date, he expects to be a part of Off the Grid events, among other things. “I have a wife and 15-month-old baby,” said Angelus. “That was the goal (with the truck) to establish set hours. Eventually, I want to do one event each night  and private events on the weekend.”

Bahn Mi Sandwich, Spicy Belly Fries

The menu will remain fairly consistent for now with a choice of sandwiches, sides, draft root beer (from Devil’s Canyon Brewery in San Mateo) and even dessert. Sandwiches include a bacon burger, grilled cheese sandwich (with bacon jam!),the LGBT (lettuce, goat cheese, bacon, tomato), the Almost Veggie, the Bahn Mi and the Belly. “There are so many sandwiches that I want to do that bacon just makes better,” he said. Sandwiches are $6-8. Sides include regular fries and fries with pork belly trimmings. Dessert features chocolate-covered bacon and bacon kettle corn.

Angelus is a veteran of the San Francisco restaurant scene and hopes to eventually have a built-in table on his truck that will pop out for on-site diners to sit at. He loves the idea of food trucks bringing people together.

“I’d like to park around eight trucks and make it a party. What it does is it brings a neighborhood together,” he said.

The bacon Angelus uses is actually from Oregon, but the rest of the produce is from the Bay Area.

Angelus expects to hold one more trial run in San Francisco. He said for now, the best place to find out about times and locations is through his Twitter or Facebook page.