BART Shooting Protest Tonight

If you’re planning your evening commute, head’s up – there’s a BART protest (in response to the July 3 fatal BART police shooting of Charles Hill) scheduled for tonight inside the Civic Center BART station that may disrupt service and cause delays.

The rally is set to take place 4:30-7pm and it’s estimated that 300 people will be attending.

According to the SF Weekly the protest was organized by No Justice, No BART, a group formed shortly after 2009’s Oscar Grant shooting. The rally tonight will be taking place on the actual Civic Center BART platform.

The group had two major demands:

1. The BART Board of Directors must shut down the corrupt, inept, disgraceful, and murderous BART police department, PERMANENTLY AND TOTALLY.

2. Both officers must be fired, and we demand an independent, PUBLIC investigation of this killing, and all applicable charges filed and prosecuted against the killers.

For more, go here.


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