The worlds of retail and art intertwine this weekend at the Renegade Craft Fair.  The fourth annual event, at Fort Mason July 9-10, features more than 200 artisan vendors carrying a variety of goods and educational workshops for attendees.

A few local highlights:

-If you find shadowboxes intriguing, you’ll want to check out Lisa Swerling’s Glass Cathedrals a series of artboxes containing “brilliant tiny worlds,” often depicting expansive scenes with tiny people . Claiming to be “the first and only green certified insect display business in the country,” BugUnderGlass’s shadowboxes feature breathtaking exotic butterfly bug specimens from places like Papua New Guinea and the island of Sulawesi in Indonesia. Aside from the traditional shadowboxes, you may also find glass pendants embedded with grasshopper or butterfly wings.

-If you’re in the market for ceramics, Paulova Ceramics’ handmade cork jars, bowls and vases inspired by Scandinavian designs can pretty up any setting. Paulova’s ceramic hearts, printed with short love notes, make a sweet gift. The handmade porcelain pourer from Rae Dunn is one of the handpicked selections in the Renegade Handmade store.

Tiny Sparks Design’s illustrations, hand-screened onto bamboo panels, can be made into a keyholder for an extra $5. The bamboo plywood is reclaimed from local businesses. Hilary Williams’ beautiful prints and paintings evoke a totally different feeling and aesthetic than drywell, with quirky food illustrations and meat butchery diagram art perfect for the discerning or cheeky foodie (

-Though there are way too many clothing and accessory makers to mention, The Alligator Factory stands out: unisex crocheted gator scarves, complete with teeth, scales, legs, tongues and eyes . MODify/d partners with companies in the apparel business to reuse and repurpose damaged pieces or sales samples, remaking sweaters, for example, into hats, dog beds, pillows, fingerless gloves, cup cozies and more, with a percentage of proceeds going go various charities.

Turk And Taylor is one of the more polished local clothing lines with an emphasis on organic and sustainable materials and processes, while SF-based menswear label REVL’s offerings are focused on classic shirt styles and silk skinny ties.

-Nous Savons fashions beautifully delicate necklaces with character, earrings and button-up scarves all made in Oakland. Mahoohoo’s leather jewelry and lingerie are bold and distinctive, while The Weekend Store supplies jewelry for men and women made from vintage maps, typewriter keys, watch movement pieces, harmonicas and transit tokens for a nostalgic feel (

-Treat your dog to a new collar or leash while supporting eco-friendly production with something from Aroo Studio, born of the founders’ desire for earth-friendly goods that aren’t bland and boring. Aroo’s products use hemp, patterned ribbons, vintage and designer cotton fabrics.

-Marry your writing implements to your journal and sketchbook with a journal bandolier from Cleverhands, which specializes in making straps fitted with small loops for carrying pens, pencils and more around books. Choose from a variety of patterned fabrics or reclaimed rubber/elastic.

-Pie Bird Press offers cards, journals and notebooks printed on antique letterpress in bold, saturated colors. If you’re looking for greeting cards or stationary that truly expresses your ascerbic wit, try 16 Sparrows, “where sarcasm is folded in half.” Here you’ll find Love Cards for Cynics, “Get up off your ass and…” To-Do List pads, and the Fucking Card Collection, which contains gems messages like “Happy Fucking Birthday,” “Happy Fucking Holidays,” “Thanks a Fucking Bunch,” “Congratufuckinglations” and more.