One of the many summer food traditions across the country is grilling out, whether it’s in your back yard, a park or in your neighborhood. And if you don’t have the chance to grill out, there are also plenty of options in terms of barbecue spots to hit up in San Francisco.

In all honesty, barbecue is one of the toughest things to truly judge. Some people base their opinion on the texture of the meat, others look at sauce, some even judge a good BBQ joint on the sides offered.

Here are some of the options with no judgment either way, just serving up good food.

Memphis Minnie’s: This restaurant offers a wide-ranging menu filled with classics (Memphis, Texas, St. Louis style ribs, tri-tip, beef brisket), sandwiches and burgers and an assortment of sides. Plus, it is one of the only places I have ever seen with sake on the menu, a combination I never thought of.

CatHead’s BBQ: CatHead’s is part catering, part pop-up but all barbecue. They normally take residence at the Corner on Saturday nights and have just started popping up at St. Francis Fountain on Friday nights. There is plenty of wings, pulled pork, tri-tip and other ribs and brisket to choose from.

Hyde Away Blues BBQ & Gumbo Cafe: Blues and BBQ, a perfect match for many. Hyde Away is one of the newest barbecue joints in San Francisco, opening earlier this year. With historic memorabilia lining the walls and Southern soul food lining the menu, the Mays sisters have brought their down-home cooking to the heart of the Tenderloin.

Sneaky’s BBQ: Barbecue inside a bar? Sneaky’s has exactly what you’re looking for. Located inside the motorcycle-themed gay bar Rebel on Market Street, the former barbecue delivery service serves up the normal ribs, pulled pork and barbecue chicken, with sides to boot. Plus, you have a full-service bar at your beckon call.

Baby Blues BBQ: Bringing barbecue to Mission Street, Baby Blues BBQ opened in 2008, aiming to bring quality barbecue to people who are looking for it. Memphis-style ribs, baby back ribs, brisket, chicken and seafood, with all the fixins.

This is just a brief list. There are a number of other restaurants, food trucks and pop-ups not only in San Francisco, but across the rest of the Bay Area.

What’s your favorite SF BBQ joint?