This weekend while you were firing up those grills for Fourth of July, a world record was set. What weighs 777lbs and features 13lbs of lettuce, 20lbs of onions and 12lbs of delicious pickles? The world’s largest hamburger!

Eater SF reports that this past Saturday at the Alameda County Fair, workers created the largest commercially available burger in the world. “A crew of 10 men spent 13 hours cooking the burger to the proper 160 degree internal temperature before it was moved by forklift onto its 110 pound bun, then layered with buckets of ketchup and mayo, 13 pounds of lettuce, 20 pounds of onions and 12 pounds of pickles.” The quarter-pounder has nothing on this big guy.

Bites of the burger were then sold for 99 cents with proceeds benefiting the Alameda County Community Food Bank.

Photo credit: Eater SF