They call it the “San Francisco of the Midwest“…Okay, nobody really calls Pittsburgh that, but you can get a little bit of the Midwest in San Francisco at Giordano Brothers (303 Columbus Avenue). A North Beach staple for nearly 10 years, Giordano Brothers has become a homebase for displaced Steelers fans and homesick Pittsburghers craving a taste of what makes their city great: football and overstuffed sandwiches.

I have been a fan of this popular restaurant and bar since right after they opened back in 2004. Enamored by their unique sandwiches–featuring french fries and cole slaw in between the bread–and a weekly offering of some fantastic live music performed by local bands from around the Bay Area, I never felt compelled to write about a place that’s already been on the map for so long. But after reading a recent article that made national news, I was inspired to give them a little shout out.

Just over a week ago, a flight crew from Seattle took a brand-new Boeing 747-8 clear across the country so they could enjoy a tasty snack from Primanti Brothers, the original Pittsburgh sandwich shop that inspired the San Francisco incarnation. Seems to me that the flightcrew could have saved a lot of time, not to mention a buttload of carbon emissions by just flying down here to the Bay. Unlike Primanti Brothers–nearly 3000 miles away–Giordano’s features an awesome happy hour every weekday from 3-7 with cheap booze, plus you can rock out to live music every night from Tuesday to Saturday. Advantage Giordano Brothers.

UPDATE: : Apparently, Giordano Brothers is setting up shop in the old Ti Couz space on 16th between Valencia and Guerrero.