A New Asian Sensation in the FiDi

If you’re anything like the majority of America, you probably spent most of this holiday weekend gorging yourself on some of the fattiest, most patriotic foods imaginable. Now’s probably a great time to lighten the diet and–luckily for us–a new restaurant featuring healthier Asian Fusion is opening up this week in the FiDi. Bamboo Asia (41 Montgomery St.) is all set to open their doors this Thursday, already boasting an impressively animated website. The restaurant will operate with a theme of ‘quick and casual,’ so think of it as a really high-end and less diabetes-inducing incarnation of Panda Express. And I already LOVE Panda Express, to begin with. Bamboo Asia will boast cuisine from three distinct regions of their eponymous continent: Japan–highlighted by sushi rolls and fresh sashimi from the Far East. Vietnam–featuring delicious bánh mì and savory noodles with a Southeastern flair. India–complete with a tandoor and the unmistakable, aromatic delight of curry.

Most of this deliciously diverse fare will be offered for under $10. After a weekend of deep-fried gluttony and pricy pyrotechnics I’m excited to get a little more bang for my buck, and a lot less calories in the belly.


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