And by ‘hot’, I mean spicy of course. Starting today Dosa Fillmore is introducing a new secret chile pepper menu for BlackboardEats subscribers. Apparently though, nothing on the menu is super hot, and most of the dishes can be adjusted to taste. So enjoy.

Diners can get the free passcode at BlackboardEats, which are valid for only 24 hours.


Dosa/BlackboardEats Secret Chile Pepper Menu

The secret menu consists of traditional and modern interpretations of classic dishes.

* Batter-fried Chiles: $9

* Grilled Corn & Chile Pooriyal (Seasoned with mustard seeds and curry leaves): $9

* Habanero Mango Uttapam (Seasonal vegetables with a spicy sauce): $11

* Lamb Pepper Fry (natural lamb in a dry sauce of black peppercorn and peppers): $16

* Peppers Stuffed with Chicken (with a spicy cashew sauce and chicken mince): $12

Note: Available only at the Fillmore location for dine-in dinner and valid for parties of 2-4.

The deal ends July 28th.

Photo credit: Dosa Fillmore