Doctors have upgraded the condition of injured San Francisco Giants fan Bryan Stow from critical to serious.

Dr. Geoff Manley, the head of neurosurgery at San Francisco General Hospital, said that Stow has been making progress and has been taken off another of his seizure medications.

He is down to three anti-seizure medications and the dosages have been reduced.

While he remains unconscious, Manley said Stow has been responding intermittently to commands to open and close his eyes and has also had some spontaneous left arm movement.

If his improvement continues, Manley said they will have to consider how to replace a piece of his skull that had been removed to allow his brain to swell.

Manley does caution that with brain injuries, it is difficult to predict how much and at what pace improvement will be seen.

Stow was critically injured when he was beaten outside Dodger Stadium by two men in late March. He was transferred to San Francisco General in May after receiving weeks of care in Los Angeles.



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