Gay Pride kicks off this weekend (Friday – Sunday) and in honor of the festivities, the Haight’s Three Twins Ice Cream (254 Fillmore bet. Haight and Waller) is offering an array of special flavors just for the occasion.

You can choose from a dozen fanciful flavors:

* Dorothy’s Ruby Red Slipper: Red, fruity sorbet with a touch of bourbon

* Rainbows Are Gay Sherbet: Rainbow sherbet

* Hot Cookie: Made with chunks from the eponymous Castro cookie shop

* Rice Milk Harvey Milk and Cookies: Rice milk and cookies

* Pride Vanilla: Their regular Madagascar vanilla flavor, tinted pink

* Bear Bait: Honey and peanut butter

* Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell: Pop tarts in vanilla ice cream

* Salted Nuts: Assorted salty nuts in vanilla ice cream

* Two Tops Don’t Make a Bottom: Blueberry muffin tops in vanilla ice cream

* Rock Hudson Road: Rocky road

* Tea Bag: Earl grey

* Taint it Delicious?: Lemon cookie

Really? “Taint it Delicious”? Did they have to go there? Personally, I have my sights set on Hot Cookie and Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell. And perhaps this will be a new trend and Three Twins will find themselves going head to head with the Big Gay Ice Cream Truck.

[via Haighteration]

Photo credit: Three Twins Ice Cream