It was seemingly a simple news story on Good Morning America earlier this week about summer carnivals and fairs and some of the food you might find there. But it has turned a certain deep-fried dish into a trending topic: Deep-Fried Kool-Aid.

San Diego County fair goers can’t get enough of the treat, which debuted at “Chicken Charlie’s” food stand about two weeks ago. Charlie Boghosian, the man behind the oily treat, said he has spent two decades testing the limits of what can be cooked in oil and still taste good. Each year he adds those new items to the menu at his stand.

And this year, it’s the fried Kool-Aid ball. Boghosian uses flour, water and Kool-Aid powder to make a batter that can be scooped into little balls. Then he plops them in hot oil. He said he can’t reveal all his secrets as he plans to launch a cookbook that will explain all of his creations.

Some of his offerings in the past include deep-fried Klondike bars, Girl Scout cookies, Twinkies, avocados and a Krispy Kreme Chicken Sandwich.



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